Connexo MultiSense – Sensing every part of an evolving grid

Meter data collection: Sense every part of an evolving grid
Capture data from multi-vendor gas, water and electricity meters as well as other smart grid devices like solar panels, wind mills or electrical vehicles. Stay on top of what is happening and be informed immediately on critical issues with the embedded automation and intelligence, allowing you to increase the effectiveness of your operations.

Connect to any smart grid device

Easily connect new grid devices whether they are multi-utility or single source. MultiSense is able to deal with a broad variety of data and commands found in modern grid devices.

Advanced metering infrastructure: Easily connect multi-utility or single source grid devices

Go beyond pure data collection

Go beyond pure data collection by extending MultiSense with data management through Insight, or by integrating with one of the partner applications which are seamlessly integrated using industry standards.

Metering solutions: Extend Connexo MultiSense with Connexo Insight or partner applications

Scale and adapt for the future

Be able to adapt to tomorrow’s needs without having to rebuild your complete architecture.

Meet your future needs by flexibly implementing new protocol drivers or having access to one of the more than 200 protocols already available today.

Scale and adapt without rebuilding your architecture

Go beyond data collection with Connexo MultiSense.