Utility analytics – Make the right business decisions

Make the right business decisions with utility analytics
Our utility analytics solution, based on proven partner technology, helps to bring insight and drive action. It is supported by off-the-shelf utility-specific models, based on Honeywell’s extensive utility know-how, ensuring a single version of the truth across reports, dashboards and users through specific metadata.

Explore data

Explore the variety of data and discover patterns and trends thanks to a set of intuitive data discovery tools.

Expore data and discover patterns

Gain insights

Timely and swiftly gain and share insights with your entire organisation thanks to the automatic delivery of reports and dashboards.

Gain and share insights thanks to automatic delivery of reports and dashboards

Drive action

Empower your organisation to take necessary action based on insights gained.

Take action based on insights and empower your organisation

Let utility analytics support you in making the right business decisions.