Often meter data collection and meter data management systems are hard to implement, have a high learning curve and are not easy to operate. Once implemented it is nearly impossible to adapt to changing business needs.

Due to separate and multiple systems needing to be integrated and resulting in redundant data, you lack a single view of all smart grid data. Older technologies make it difficult to integrate and use this data across other applications.

How do you make sure you pick a solution that is easy to deploy and future-proof and provides you with a complete view?

Simplifying the utility journey

Simplifying the utility journey
Connexo helps simplify the journey of utilities through flexible deployment, smarter operations and agile evolution resulting in lower project and operational costs.

Flexible DeploymentFlexible deployment
  • Easily tune pre-built processes to your needs.
  • Grow Connexo with your business needs.
  • Easily integrate the solution into existing processes thanks to its open and standard-based platform.
  • Remain compliant with standards: Connexo thinks CIM and talks CIM and MultiSpeak.
  • Train your operators in only a couple of days as the solution is designed with them in mind.
  • Deploy a single system instead of multiple systems.
Smarter OperationsSmarter operations
  • Stay on top of what is happening and be informed immediately on critical issues.
  • Don’t lose time and let Connexo guide you in analyzing issues and support you in making decisions.
  • Manage the entire smart data flow.
  • Seamlessly switch between different applications.
  • Scale cost-effectively from small to large roll-outs.
Agile EvolutionAgile evolution
  • Adapt easily and fast to technology or business changes.
  • Invest incrementally from basic to full blown functionality.
  • Deploy new or upgrade apps as you go.
  • Manage the lifecycle & evolution of your system, assets and data.
  • Incrementally add value to devices.

360° connection

Connect grid sensors with utility systems, sensor data with enterprise information, operations with processes, users with insights and future needs with agile answers, providing a full 360° view.

Connexo provides a 360 degree view